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Energy • Ironically enough, this was the first w-inds. song I ever heard and I didn't even know who it was. Ryuichi and Ryohei both wrote solo songs for the 2004 PRIME OF LIFE summer tour; Ryuichi also wrote the music for his as well as worked on the arrangement. Ryuichi played guitar during the performances, though not the actual solo. (DVD rip)

Fire FlowerFire Flower was originally performed on the 2005 "ageha" summer tour and was only available in a studio version with the release of the w-inds. Single Mega-Mix. This version of the song is from the 2007 "Journey" tour, where Ryuichi performed the guitar solo. (DVD rip)

From I • Written by Ryuichi, this song was performed at the 2005 Fan Club Event. It's quite different from Energy, but still very good. (audiece recording)

Change the World • During the 2006 Fan Club Event bus tour, all three members performed solos that were covers of other artists songs. At the majority of the shows, Ryuichi did Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, which unfortunately I have been unable to find a recording of. Fans in Sapporo got a special treat; at that particular show, he played Eric Clapton's Change the World, with his father and Keita both joining him on guitar. (audience recording)

Deny • Most Ryuichi fans know this song quite well as it is one of the few that he actually sings on, as opposed to rapping. This recording is from the 2008 Fan Club Event, where they performed a beautiful slower arrangement of this song with Ryuichi on guitar, Keita on keyboards, and Ryohei on synthesizer. (audience recording)


Energy • Live 2004 PRIME OF LIFE DVD rip, 78.1 mb.

Fire Flower • Live 2007 Journey DVD rip, 158.2 mb. This file also includes the end of the concert where they are saying a very touching goodbye.